"Be grateful, Anya." I am grateful, grateful to get away!


Melancholic illustrations for children by Japanese artist  Sleepy


Fairies, Aliens, Bisexuals and Other Fantastic Creatures: Alex Reads Malinda Lo

I always admire authors that can switch between genres with ease, just as I admire authors who can write progressive stuff without wholly making a fanfare of how progressive they’re being. And if nothing else, I have to admire Malinda Lo not just for her lovely and addictive prose but for her ability to create a problem opposite to what I usually have: being emotionally invested in a YA love triangle and legitimately interested in how it turns out, perhaps even more than my interest in the main spine of the story. Holy cow, right? Is that even possible?

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Just doodling, aaa one of my favourite Ghibli films. I remember loving Spirited Away when I was little, and even now I still very much adore it.

The women are the strong ones, truly.